Real Estate Investing 101

10 Terms You Should Know Before Investing in a Real Estate Syndication

Ten Definitions You Should Know Before You Invest in Multifamily Real Estate By: Dr. Kristen Ray of Vital Investment Partners, LLC Investing in multifamily real estate syndications can be a very lucrative opportunity for individuals looking to generate passive income with low risk exposure. Rents and other tenant fees generate steady cash flow that is...

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Reducing Your Tax Burden via Real Estate Investing

We often get questions regarding some of the ways you can reduce your tax burden while investing in multifamily real estate. I want to begin by saying I am not an accountant and do not provide accounting advice. Please consult your tax professional for such advice. I am an avid multifamily real estate investor and...

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5 Reasons Why Physicians Should Invest in Real Estate

Physicians are some of the hardest-working professionals out there. Between patients, pharma reps, and dealing with the business end of the practice, there’s little time left to devote to personal concerns (also known as family and fun). If you’re a physician, finding the time (and mental energy) to dabble in a side business is probably...

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Five Reasons to Supplement Your Retirement Plan with a Multifamily Real Estate Investment

Retirement plans such as 401k and 403b have long been considered as one of the safest ways to build up a nest egg for your golden years. Under these plans employees are allowed to contribute a percentage of their annual salary to a retirement account managed by their employer or its designated financial company.

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Using Retirement Funds for Real Estate Investing

Investing in Real Estate Syndications Using a Self-Directed IRA VS a Solo 401k By: Kristen Ray of Vital Investment Partners, LLC While millions of Americans have one type of retirement plan or another, many are not aware that there are options that would not only allow them a better control over their funds, but also...

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